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Summer shimmer!

Lately the weather here has been absolutely beautiful, which I love because for me that means perfect tanning weather. In the late mornings/early afternoons I slap on some tanning oil, grab my fold out chair, and lay out out in our backyard to achieve the look of a ‘sun kissed glow’ as they say. Plus, I like the hour of alone time I get in the mornings, and I’m sure my hubby doesn’t mind it either. He plays XBox, I get tanner, it’s a win-win. 😛

To aid in helping my skin look summery and fresh, I am an avid bronzer user. I have multiple bronzers that I use pretty regularly, but I wanted to try something with a little lighter, not so matte, and with more shimmer in it. So where else would I go other than my favorite store ever, Target! I went in with the intent of buying only one new bronzing powder, but came out with a couple more items…I can’t help it!

The first thing I got was this Physicians Formula Happy Booster Bronzer. I love Physicians Formula products, Their blushes and bronzers are great quality and you get what you pay for. The package says that it’s supposed to help promote the feeling of happiness because of the natural plant extracts and Euphoryl used in the product. While I have no idea if that aspect of the bronzer works or not, the actual powder itself is really nice. It’s a light bronzer so it’s not too heavy or dark and it has a little bit of shimmer to it which is nice. I use it to help add some shimmer and a little more color on my face in the spring and summer. It’s a really nice product and I noticed that it stays on pretty well all day long. And the design is pretty cute too. m2



Then, while browsing the makeup section, I saw that ELF now has a bronzing brush. Apparently its a newer item that they have just come out with. I never usually buy ELF products just because I like my Sigma and MAC brushes but for $1.00, why not try it out right? It works pretty well it’s a little small, I wish it were bigger but other than that it gets the job done. Can’t really go wrong with that price.



The last thing I purchased is this makeup sponge. I’ve used them before and I really love them. They’re washable, reusable, and last for a while. They help smooth your foundation and give your face an almost airbrushed or flawless look which I’m a fan of. Who doesn’t want to look like they stepped out of a magazine with flawless skin? I haven’t used this one yet, but I’m excited to start!