Enter my blog link exchange!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to update everyone on my new post at lifeofahousewife.com!

I am doing a link exchange for fashion & beauty related blogs!

Basically what a link exchange does it is helps to get your blog noticed (and maybe some followers!), get you more readers, and for you to find other blogs with similar interests as yours. It’s a great way to connect with other bloggers and to make new friends. I’ve participated in a few link exchanges in the past and I loved the people I met from it and the amount of readers it got my blog! So I’m hoping that this will do that same for you all!

To participate all you have to do is:

-Send your blog link to lifeofahousewife@yahoo.com
-Mention my blog site with my link (http://www.lifeofahousewife.com) somewhere in a post on your blog

If you have any questions about it email me or tweet me: @ohashleyyy

I want to get the official blog link exchange post published by Friday, so send me your links people! I’m excited to get this started!

As always, please don’t forget follow Life of a Housewife on Bloglovin!


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