Newlywed Post: 5 things I’ve learned about marriage so far


My husband and I have been married for 7 months now (yay newlyweds!) and even though we lived together before we got married, after we tied the knot I learned a bunch of things that come along with spending forever with someone.

1. Marriage is hard. 

Even though you’re married to your best friend, it can be difficult at times. Justin and I have our share of fights just like any couple. He didn’t take out the trash, I forgot to wash his uniform before work, or I ate the last of the Cheetos. The big things or the little things sometimes can cause little disagreements here and there but the key is to just move on from them. You won’t agree on everything but you have to learn to compromise which will definately help in the long run!

2. You always have support

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that no matter what…good or bad, I always have his support. He is the one I go to if I need to vent or when I’m so excited about something and jumping around like a little kid. It’s the best feeling to know that you have someone who will always be there for you and that you will always be there for them. I can honestly say that I feel so incredibly lucky to have someone that is as supportive as him when it comes to everything in my life.

3. King size beds are lifesavers

Some nights I felt lucky to have someone sleeping next to me, and others I woke up with his armpit in my face. After many episodes of this, we upgraded to a king size bed. It was long overdue, trust me. Apparently I’m a “diagonal sleeper”  as Justin calls it, where I end up diagonally in the middle of the bed somehow…and he’s a “I’m going to share your pillow with you” kind of sleeper. Our little queen bed wasn’t helping us sleep very well so I insisted that we get our king bed. It definately helped a lot and I get much better sleep now 😛 It’s the little things that help a lot sometimes!

4. Cooking is the way to his heart

You’ve all heard the saying ‘the way to a mans heart is through his stomach’, right? Well I can assure you it’s true. Justin loves that I cook more now that I don’t work. To him, it shows that I put effort into our marriage. I pick out meals and recipes that I know he would enjoy and I make enough for him so he has left overs for his lunch for work. Some people might say it’s a silly thing to say that I’ve learned from marriage, but for us it’s something that we both enjoy. I love to cook and bake and loves to eat it. He loves the home cooked meals and I enjoy making it for him. When I worked 40 hours a week we ate out a lot just because I didn’t feel like standing up and cooking after I got home, but now that I have a lot more free time it’s enjoyable for me and I know he doesn’t mind!

5. Communicate with each other

Talk things out! We both have been trying to work on this lately, communication makes a marriage stronger, happier, and healthier. Arguing about things only causes more stress and tension between the two of you. Justin and I aren’t the best at being strong communicators but we know that in order for us to continue being happy and have a successful marriage we need to talk through issues that come up and learn how to see each others side of things.



8 thoughts on “Newlywed Post: 5 things I’ve learned about marriage so far

  1. So true 🙂 I can agree with all of these except #3… we’ve only got a double bed (no space for anything bigger at the moment), and the upside is that we have to sort out any issues before bedtime because the bed’s too small to leave an angry gulf between us, hahaha! 🙂

  2. We had to get a king size bed as well, he is a very light sleeper and I like to sleep horizontally so the bed saved us a lot of headaches. This is great advice especially for those of us who are talking about marriage more and more often.

  3. Ugh! I needed this post! My husband and I have been together almost 9yrs and married almost 4 and we’re going through a tough spot right now because I failed to communicate and acted on anger. I know what I have to do but I’m just so stubborn sometimes… Your post just have me the slap I needed! Haha! Great advice! Thanks for stoping by my blog!

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