Candles, coffee cups, & soap…oh my!


I love an amazing smelling house as much as the next person, and that is why Bath & Body Works is my favorite place to buy candles and those little plug in air fresheners with the cute little designs on them (I have an adorable little daisy flower one). Their Christmas candles smell sooooo good, oh my gosh. I’m addicted. I burn those things like crazy during the winter time!  While I was out a few weeks ago I went into Bath & Body Works just to look around and saw such cute little mason jar soap dispensers! With a lot of self control (and I mean,  a lot) I decided not to get it. But today we were out and about and I couldn’t help myself and went back and bought it! Who am I kidding? I knew I couldn’t control my shopping urges! It looks super cute by the sink in the kitchen and adds a little more of a ‘country/southern’ feel. The smell is Tangerine and it is a really nice refreshing soap smell, I really love it. It looks so much better than the ugly soap jar I had by the sink before. Yuck. It’s reusable as well so any soap can be re-added in it and it still will look wonderful! Go and buy one! It was $12…make your kitchen feel even prettier 😛

Along with every other kind of shopping, I am also a fan of antique shopping , or rather ‘antique oogling’ seeing as I never actually buy anything at any of the antique stores I’ve ever been to. Nevertheless it’s still entertaining to imagine what I would do with some of the furniture and things I’ve liked if I actually had bought them. I also adore Marilyn Monroe and coffee mugs(I have way too many. Future coffee mug hoarder right here.) After Bath and Body Works we strolled on over to this huge antique/vintage shop in our town and saw this, OMG……

marilyn 2


is that not the most amazing thing ever? I have never seen a Marilyn coffee mug anywhere, at least not in any stores around here. I love it so much! I don’t think I have anymore room in my cabinets for another mug, that might be a sign that I have a coffee cup obsession. I can’t be the only one though, right?!



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