Pink, pink pink!

While I was out running errands and picking up stuff for the house, I saw this PINK KitchenAid mixer. Oh my gosh you guys, I want it. I love pink things and I love baking, so obviously this was made for me. And lucky for me, I have a birthday coming up in a few months 😉 Maybe my husband will take my many hints and surprise me with one, we’ll see! (A girl can dream!)

I’m pretty sure that I am not like most early twenty-something year olds…no one I know wants a stand mixer for their birthday. Lately instead of buying clothes and makeup here and there, I’ve been buying cookware and baking stuff. But hey, I guess that’s what being married does to ya 😛




31 thoughts on “Pink, pink pink!

  1. Haha, I used to watch Martha Stewart as a kid and wanted one of these so badly. My husband got me one when we were dating, and it was one of the best presents I ever got.

  2. for my son’s trifecta in 2010 – I bought him the same mixer in white. The trifecta you ask? I call it this because they all came within a two month period of time – #1 was his Bar Mitzvah. #2 was his birthday & # 3 was Hanukkah. How old was he? 12 YEARS OLD!! My son loves to cook:)

  3. These are amazing I have a black one and got it when I was 22. Oh that was almost 12 years ago OMG I’m old :). It still runs great and i have put it through a lot.Cute blog

  4. This is awesome! I know how you feel, when you say your not like others your age, i’m seventeen and want to be a chef, so for any holiday i ask for cooking gadgets and what not! I got Kitchen Aid stand mixer for my seventeenth birthday! lol

  5. Love It…Not a big pink fan here though…Purple would be awesome…I have been wanting a stand mixer like this for over the last 15 years…All my money ends up on kid clothes, bills and family duties…I am not complaining though…My little bitty hand mixer does its job…I just would love to be able to make dozens of cookies faster with a mixer like this…


    • I spend most of our money on house items as well. And when we do have extra money, it’s hard for me to actually go and buy something that cost so much extra than what I’m used to paying for kitchen stuff! I use my hand mixer does it well too, but makes such a mess sometimes, haha. Flour usually ends up all over the place 😛

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  7. I am JUST like you then haha i’ve wanted this for my birthday for the past year… but for my 22nd, this WILL happen! haha

  8. Ashley, I find so many similarities between the two of us – peas in a pod they call it? I love makeup, cooking, pretty kitchenware and accessories too 🙂 Thought I work I am a housewife at heart. I have been yearning for a Kitchenaid stand mixer and this hot pink one makes me yearn more!! I want one… Actually I hope I get one… 🙂

    • Haha it’s a good thing we have a lot of similarities! I’m glad my blog talks about things you’re interested in!
      I have been wanting that stand mixer for sooo long, you’ll have to let me know if you get yours!

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