I’m ready for you, Summer!

As much as I love Spring and all the allergies that come along with it, I can’t wait for summer! I wish I were at the beach right now getting tan and sipping on a cool drink *sigh*

While visions of the beach danced in my head, I decided to go to my absolute favorite store ever, Target and look for a new bathing suit for this year. They have tons of styles and colors and all are very affordable. Both the tops and the bottoms are usually about $17 each. Which is much more inexpensive than what I usually see…just some bathing suit tops ALONE are $30-$50…I think I would really have to love it to spend that much. I doubt my husband would ever let me go shopping alone again if I came back with one of those suits though! But I did find one that I really liked at Target…..


How cute, right? It’s a royal blue push up bikini. I just love how the push up styles look…ever since I bought my first one a few years ago I haven’t gone back to the regular ones. They just add a little extra something and I love it. I told you guys I like to shop! 😉


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