Forever 21, baby

I LOVE earrings. I have to wear a pair with every outfit otherwise I feel naked. It’s true. And my absolute favorite place to buy my fashion jewelry from is Forever 21. They have such cute and inexpensive items. I have so much jewelry from them that I’ve collected over the years that I’m starting to run out of room to put everything! The great thing about their jewelry besides being so affordable is that they last forever. I took some pictures of the latest F21 jewelry mini-spree that I went on. Everything I bought was about $1-$4 per earring. Totally my style (and price range, hehe)


(Above Picture) This is the little spree that I went on at F21. I got a few earrings, some you can see I’ve taken out of the package and have already worn…I just can’t help myself!



I love the little stud earrings. These are my new obsession right now. I thought the little anchors were just adorable.



These heart stud earrings caught my attention. So dainty and and cute.


Hoops! My all time favorite earrings to wear. They go with anything and everything and are easy to throw on when you are running late and don’t have time to plan out your accessories. I love love love these. I lost my other hoops earrings a few moths back and finally bought some new ones. These were only $1.50 I believe.


Cute summer time bracelet. I wear a lot of the chunky/stacked/layered bracelets during the summer.


I got these little bird earrings. I don’t own anything like them and I thought ‘hey, why not?’ right?


Love these. I have worn them a few times already and think they are adorable. My husband said they look “hippie-ish” haha but I think they are super cute.


Sorry about the picture quality on these! I took them at nighttime so it was hard to find good lighting. But there ya go…my little mini haul from Forever 21.


17 thoughts on “Forever 21, baby

  1. F21 jewelry is so cool and inexpensive! I started to make my own earrings and necklaces, but I think I will need to go and pay a visit soon! Thank you for following my blog, I am your newest follower! 🙂 xoxo, Vanina

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